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What We Do

Discover how AUsome Sauce empowers individuals with all abilities, their families, and the community! 


Interactive Support Mixers

Join a community of like-minded parents with neuro-diverse children. Build relationships, share resources, and connect with a community all your own. Join our next mixer to get a feel for our community and see how it fits your needs.

Special Events

Memories are made in the time we get to experience life. Our community deserves the chance to make lasting memories and have fun while doing so. From bowling events to local community fun, we come together to build our community.


Parent Nights Out

Enjoy a well-deserved break with our Mom and Dad Nights Out, designed to give parents a chance to relax and recharge.

AUsome Hangs

Early intervention is key, children who are in the phase of "in-between age" need support too. These hangs allow children middle school-aged children to socialize in a safe environment. Making friends is hard for any child, but we try to encourage an organic experience for everyone!


Summer Series

The summer season can be difficult for our support needs children, AUsome Sauce provides inclusive sensory secluded events at different locations like splash pads, playgrounds, and indoor cool temperature facilities promoting safety while creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Community Connection

Partnering with and raising awareness about Autism and other support needs among law enforcement and first responders is crucial. We do our best to bring our community members together at some of our events to help first responders recognize and appropriately respond to individuals with special needs to foster trust and enhance safety for everyone.  



Our organization is deeply committed to advocating for the rights and inclusion of neurodiverse children in all aspects of society. We tirelessly work to raise awareness, influence policy, and ensure that every child receives the support and opportunities they deserve.

This special event usually takes place twice a year, together with other nonprofit organizations, resource vendors, and small businesses that support the neurodiverse community somehow. It's an opportunity for patrons to find resources, connect with the community, and support/shop for a cause. This event is always free, and open to the public and family friendly!

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Check back for the announcement of our next AUsome Resource Market in November 2024

Fee Information

While AUsome Sauce charges a nominal fee, these fees only cover a small fraction of the true programming costs. We rely heavily on the generosity of donors like you, as well as donors at fundraising events, and participants in our AUsome Partner Sponsorship program to cover the full cost of our programs. If you value these programs, we kindly ask you to consider donating today. Your contribution ensures that we can continue offering our programs to all members, regardless of their budget!

Get Involved with AUsome Sauce

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