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AUsome Sauce Family Membership

Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive world for everyone.

  • AUsome Membership (Family of 4)

    Instead of paying for each mixer, save over $400 a year with our new membership option!
    Valid for 12 months
    • All mixers for the next 12 months.
    • Summer Series events.
    • Priority registration for our popular mixers.
    • Email updates about upcoming special events.
    • Access to all availble resources!
  • Add on Membership

    If you have more than a family of 4, add on an additional person!
    Valid for 12 months

    AUsome Sauce, forever Release of Liability and Photo Release Waiver On behalf of my family members attending AUsome Sauce programs and events and myself, and the heirs and personal representatives of either (collectively, “Attendees”), I forever waive, release, discharge, and covenant not to sue AUsome Sauce, or the officers, board members, sponsors, organizers, volunteers, agents, employees, independent contractors, and/or other representatives and/or their successors and assigns of AUsome Sauce (collectively, “AUsome Sauce Parties”), for any and all injuries, illness, or damages of any kind whatsoever suffered by my family members and/or myself arising in connection with AUsome Sauce programs and events. In the event my family members or I should require medical care in connection with an AUsome Sauce program or event, I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for any costs of such care or treatment. I further represent and warrant that I am authorized to execute this Waiver on behalf of Attendees. If I am a parent but not guardian of the others, I hereby represent and warrant to AUsome Sauce Parties that there are no custody or other legal agreements or arrangements that limit or restrict me from executing this release on behalf of these others. I certify that Attendee(s) is in good health and has no physical or other impediment that would endanger him/her while participating. I agree (on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns) to release, discharge, waive, and relinquish AUsome Sauce (or its officers, agents, employees, volunteers) from any liabilities, claims, or actions for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death which may arise out of his/her participation. I grant permission to AUsome Sauce to use any/all photos or videos taken of Attendee(s) for any AUsome Sauce promotional purpose, including but not limited to the website, newsletter, brochures, sponsor letters, or other promotional items. I understand that by enrolling anyone in any of the programs associated with this form, I am automatically acknowledging and accepting all terms in the above “Waiver/ Release from Liability and Photo/Video Release. This release of liability will be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of California. The venue for any cause of action in connection with this release will be in Orange County, California.

    Welcome AUsome Family!
    AUsome Sauce logo_stories_no bg_splat_edited.png

    AUsome Sauce is here as a resource for your family. As a community, our goals are to: Foster a safe environment where families can connect, support, and learn from others by providing a culture of confidentiality and a forum for sharing resources. Drive and raise Autism awareness, inclusion, and equity.

    Impact the community through involvement with organizations that support those who are neurodivergent. Further the understanding of the term “neurodiverse” as a form of diversity that should be supported and embraced as a difference of perspective, and not necessarily indicative of a disability. AUsome Sauce looks towards the future and the creation of a world where a person is not characterized by their disabilities, but by their abilities.

    Enjoy the highest level of benefits with an AUsome Sauce Family Membership!

    • Free entry to all mixers
    • Priority registration to the holiday mixers
    • Clinical support persons will   be welcomed free of charge

    • $195 annually for a family of 4
    • $39 for each additional                family member
    • You get to choose who is included in your family membership

    Cost Savings
    On average, a family of 4 would spend
    $648 per year to join all the monthly mixers. However, purchasing the AUsome Sauce Family Membership for only $195 per year is a savings of 30%, or $453! Additional family members would spend approximately $144 per year to join the mixers; but including them in the family membership for only $39 is a savings of 27%, or $105!

    Why Become An AUsome

    Stay Informed: Receive important updates about AUsome Sauce and our events, as well as other Autism related events and resources.

    Connect: Engage with our experienced staff, guest facilitators, and volunteers who understand the Autistic community firsthand.

    Make a Difference: Your membership directly supports our mission to empower lives within the Autistic community.

    AUsome Sauce offers a nurturing space where you can connect with like-minded peers, share experiences, and celebrate successes. As a valued member, you will gain access to a vibrant community, engaging events, and resources tailored to your family’s needs.

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