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The Perfect Blend of

Safety & Connection for ALL Abilities

AUsome Sauce Mix

What Makes Us AUsome


Family Engagement

We aim to create a supportive environment where families can find understanding, guidance, and camaraderie. By fostering parent-to-parent connection, resources, and advocacy. We want attendees to feel empowered in knowing there is a sense of community within AUsome Sauce.


Social & Recreational


AUsome Sauce's social and recreational activities aim to promote organic socialization, enjoyment, and overall well-being for kids of all abilities within a supportive and inclusive environment. All of our events are done with safety, connection, and inclusion in mind. This is where the idea of AUsome Sauce started and we only plan to expand and provide more experiences. 


Caregiver Connection


This is not your typical support group experience. Our gatherings are dedicated to nurturing friendships and solidarity among families who truly understand each other's experiences. Here, you'll discover the strength in numbers, as both parents and their children with disabilities come together with open hearts and minds, overcoming any initial hesitance.


Resource Support


We are committed to equipping families with young neurodiverse children with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to navigate the journey of living with disabilities successfully. Through education, resources, and help with personalized support, AUsome Sauce wants to be there for you along the way!

Upcoming Events

  • Mom's Night Out: Caffeine & Connection
    Mom's Night Out: Caffeine & Connection
    Sun, May 19
    Chase Coffee Roasters
    May 19, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Chase Coffee Roasters, 2736 Nutwood Ave D, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA
    Calling all our AUsome Moms for an evening out in celebration of Mother's Day!

What Our Members Are Saying

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My husband and I had always envisioned a group and a community where we could feel safe with our children. My son George is six and was diagnosed with Autism, Global Speech delay, and Apraxia at 22 months. That diagnosis was shattering and confusing. We had so much to learn and felt overwhelmed all at the same time. We have been able to find people in our community who not only share the same experience but also have professional experience guiding us through our questions. The type of support, guidance, and community outreach has been extremely helpful and liberating for our family.  AUsome Sauce has been life-changing for us and we look forward to all of our monthly mixers and events never taking these experiences for granted.

Sandra Culolias,
AUsome Parent

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